Loaded week: Sharpy Release, new website and plenty of social networking.

Sharpy Banner

Wow, we had a lot of work this week, it feels like we worked for more than 90 hours this week, I’m not very sure if that is accurate but surely feels that way, it was all worth it because we managed to complete some long over due work.

First we finally made a decent update to our webpage, it is now easier to navigate, cleaner and we believe a much better web site overall, we’ll have to wait and see if everybody else thinks the same. There are still many things to fix and upgrade but that will be done over the following weeks. Check it out at:


We decided to setup our twitter account and start connecting with other game developers, to exchange ideas and suggestions, we have big plans as far as twitter is concerned lets see how that works out and we managed to get 150 followers, thats probably really low number so we have a lot of work to do in that area, we hope to have at least 500 followers for next week. Follow us @pialoki.

And of course our most important milestone this week was the release of Sharpy our new game, we are really excited about it, it is currently waiting for Review in the App Store and available in Google Play and Amazon.  It is a simple game that challenges your hand-eye coordination we enjoy playing  and we believe that you will to. You can get it free:

Brain Train


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