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Sharpy is an exhilarating mind teasing arcade game.

Get ready, relax and be quick because this is going to be one fast paced mind teasing game, as you follow the instructions they will appear faster and faster, you might think this is easy, but after a few correct taps you will have to really focus to be able to keep up, and just when you thought you have everything under control we trick your brain by switching all the colors in the game.

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Easy to learn, hard to master

The rules are simple: touch left, right or center following the indication flowing from top to bottom in the middle of the screen.

Tap left instructionTap right instructionDo not tap this instructionTap here instructionDo not tap anything instructionColor instruction

Focus and tap the correct side.

With Sharpy you will be able to train your brain to have a better hand - eye coordination and respond better to color stimulus, while having a great time.

Sharpy game screen shot 1Sharpy game screen shot 2

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How far can you go without making a mistake, download sharpy today and find out

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Press kit link

Available for free at

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